31 Celebs Who Had Gender Reassignment Surgery

To change your gender, transitioning is important. This entails plastic surgery and the various professional cosmetic procedures that are needed for the surgery to work. Many people have gone through transitioning. These 31 celebrities underwent the hormonal replacement therapy, facelifts, gender reassignment surgeries, botox injections and other procedures of professional cosmetic surgery so as to ‘feel good’ in their skin.

Below are the transgender celebs, you probably never knew about:

Amanda Lepore


Amanda is a public figure, model, and a performer as well as singer. She is one of the most recognized transgender celebs. She has been involved in many, popular brand campaigns in the world such as Swatch and M.A.C. The celeb prides for being David LeChapelle’s muse. She has the wigs, drag make-up, weaves, cosmetology, medical specialists, plastic surgery and the outright hormonal prescriptions – just ready to make her the new Amanda Lepore!