Girl Finally Living Life to The Fullest Despite Years of Abuse

Haleigh is her name. She lived with her adoptive parents for most of her young life and was often physically and emotionally abused. She would walk with bruises all over her body back and forth from and to school but all this while the perpetrators escaped with an excuse that she was clumsy and that she often fell and hurt herself. After three years of torment, one day they put her in a comma and that is when heads started rolling. She would later wait for justice to be served many years on.

  1. Separation from Mother

Unfortunately Haleigh was not born on a bed full of roses. Her life was difficult from the moment she cried her lungs out into the world. At just four years old, her mother was declared incapable of taking care of her. There was a glimpse of hope for her though, in the form of an aunt called Holli. So by the time she began her pre-primary education she was placed under care of the mom’s sister.