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Most Expensive Toys for Celebrities and Famous People

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In this world, some of us can only dream of the luxuries most, top world celebrities can afford. To them, it is nothing out of the ordinary. If all you have ever know to be posh and flash in your life is that rolling Cadillac, you are yet to wonder more. Everyone has their own fantasies – that dream car, mansion with a gated entry, moat – and yes, it is right to have it is fun! But did you know these mere toys for the filthy rich celebrities in the world? To them, they only come with their lifestyle and nothing much.



Bill Gates’ $42 Million Bombardier BD-700

His love to give to charity might make you think the World’s richest man does not love fun. His private jet is a real dope choice. He parted with a cool $42 million for this Bombardier BD-700 aircraft – but it’s just a drop in his large ocean. His luxurious life on air is nothing short of a high-end dream for many. The craft can travel from Tokyo to New York without stopping.


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