New Evidence In The Mystery of Natalee Holloway

It has been quite some time since the mysterious disappearance of the high school senior. Top of her class, the 18 year old Natalie took a trip with her classmates to Aruba highland. What was meant to be a celebration for the graduating class later turned into a disastrous nightmare for everyone.

She disappeared and to date, neither she nor her body has been found. After an unsuccessful search around the highland days, weeks, and months after her disappearance, the Aruban police force turned their attention to uncovering the suspect(s) behind it. While at it, they have been chasing wild ghosts.

  1. About Natalee Holloway

She was the eldest daughter of David and Beth Holloway. She lived with both her parents until 1993 when they divorced. The 18 year old then lived with her mother, Beth together with her younger brother Mathew. Seven years later, in 2000, the mother remarried George “Jug” Tweety, a prominent entrepreneur in Alabama. The new family then moved to George Tweety’s home in Mountain Brook.

At school Natalie was a good student. She participated in several extracurricular activities, some of them being the National Honor Society and the Dance Force. She also performed well in class.