The Top 45 Luxurious Celebrity Homes – They must be Living a Life in the First Lane.

Imagine not having to ask for a mortgage or apply for a bank loan to acquire your dream home. The thought in itself is a dream. Well, below are a few rich and famous celebrities who made their dreams a reality and went all out to acquire state of the art homes with top-notch security systems.

Hang on and prepare to be wowed, you might get an idea or two on what you would like your home to look like.

Bill Gates – $147.5, Washington

If you a looking for a real life Cinderella story, look no further than Bill Gates, the renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist. The Harvard school drop-out is now a co-founder of the world’s largest PC software company which helped him build himself a mansion in Washington worth $147.5 million. Bill Gates who is also an author made sure the house had a library that would make any bookworm green with envy. It stands on 66,000 feet and equipped with the state of the art technology (what would you expect) you can think of.