Top Gadgets To Look Out For In 2016

1. Ween

Ween jp

From its shape don’t assume that it’s a sex toy. It’s a smart thermostat. It is able to adjust your home’s temperature in real time. It can also locate your location inside home through a smartphone app.

2. Sensorwake

Sensorwake jp

It’s up to you to decide whether the device is something peculiar or marvelous. It’s an olfactory alarm clock. Yes, it doesn’t use sound or vibration to wake you up; it uses smell.

3. Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence jp

In the world of smart home products, Netatmo is called ‘Apple’ for their smart innovations. Every year they come up with new ideas and make existing technology easier to use. Netatmo Presence is an outdoor security device.